Frankincense oil




Re-discover soft-dewy skin with this emollient-rich Antioxidant Moisture that works to increase lasting hydration while effectively balancing and brightening the complexion. This supreme anti-aging Frankincense Oil moisturizer is naturally sourced from Frankincense essence plants and developed with our advance Bio-Botanicals Technology in conjunction with its cutting-edge Medical-Grade Active ingredients that stimulates collagen and build elastin, fight photo-damage, while it firms and tightens skin. This nourishing crème provides constant moistness, released over-time to deliver concentrated hydration boost with instant radiant results.
This potent anti-aging treatment moisturizer helps skin retain moisture while providing key anti-aging benefits. With regular use past damage seems to recede, fine lines appear to fade away, radiance and resilience are restored. Nourish your skin for a youthful glow with powerful acids and antioxidants. You’ll be amazed at how velvety smooth your skin can be.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 in


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